The God’s message for Good Friday: The reason of Good Friday

The God’s message for Good Friday: The reason of Good Friday

Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This was the sole crucifixion in the history of mankind where God symbolized his only son to outdo the sins, death of mankind. The purpose of Good Friday is a fine plan for humanity. For humanity to understand the meaning, it is not only important that they hold the strongest belief in God but also in his acts. The crucifixion of Jesus was God’s intention to bring humanity to one cause: To remove them from sin and death.The God’s message for Good Friday

The message of God for Good Friday:

When the son of God was crucified, he was accounted for no treason, crime or guilt. He preached the message of love, peace and how to forgive even when the enemy had brought harm to him for many reasons.

But why is it that God crucified his only son?

The nature of this act is to show the humanity of all ages that how much God loves them. How important it is that God wishes them to see the path of light. God urged his followers and non-followers to oblige the path of peace and be free of all sins. The sins that had kept many in darkness and slavery of devil were to perish.

God wished his son to be the symbol for every human to come to realize that sin is redeemable. For whatever the sin maybe, forgiveness is always an option to choose. Jesus, being captured for no reason, was humiliated, tortured. He departed from this world with no guilt on himself. God, having made this happen, made us all realize how much he loves us and how much he wishes us to be on the right path. Having his only son to be crucified for all the sins of mankind was, without a doubt, a powerful display of love.

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