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Foods and Delicacies on Easter Celebration

Though Easter is celebrated with fasting, it does not mean that people do not eat anything at all. Much like other kinds of celebration, Easter is also celebrated with different kinds of food and delicacies. Just like the success of the celebration of good friday 2019, you should also celebrate the upcoming Good Friday with the traditional foods and delicacies of the Easter celebration to secure the success of your celebration.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

There are a lot of various special foods eaten during the Easter week. One of the most famous foods eaten on this week is the cross bun. These buns are often made in the United Kingdom on the Holy Friday 2019. They are basically made of dough with currants and topped with raisins. The bun represents the moon and the four seasons or four quarters. Christians and Catholics alike make the hot cross buns as symbols for the Cross that Jesus died on when he sacrificed himself to save humanity.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration


Another delicacy during the Easter celebration is the Simnel cake. This is also another delicacy popular in the UK on good friday in Canada. It is a cake full of different kinds of fruits covered with a single layer of Marzipan. The top of the cake is also decorated with eleven Marzipan balls which symbolizes the eleven disciples of Jesus Christ who never betrayed him. In addition, the middle of the cake is also layered with Marzipan.

Pancakes are also delicacies during the Easter celebration on 14 April 2019 . Different kinds of recipes exist for these pancakes specially made for the Easter. You may want to follow a specific recipe that will suit your tastes and preferences. In Italy, salty pretzels are combined with pancakes. In Russia, pancakes are service with cooked anchovies, cream, oranges, and other dried fruits. Also in Greece, pancakes are served during the Easter celebration with a mix of some almonds and other dried fruits.

Now that you know the different foods and delicacies on the Easter celebration, make sure to pick the food that will match your tastes and preferences to have a good celebration of the upcoming Good Friday much like the success of the good friday 2017.

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