Simple Reasons for Celebrating Good or Holy Friday – Good Friday 2019 April 14

Good Friday is an annual celebration held every year as part of the holy week. The holy week is a week-long celebration and commemoration of the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ to save humanity. Events of the holy week start during the Palm Sunday and followed by the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and the Easter Sunday. If you are a Catholic or Christian or any other related religion, then you may be starting to plan how you will be celebrating your Good Friday. The upcoming Good Friday 2019 will be on April 14. If you are finding the reasons why you should celebrate it, then you should read the reasons below.

Simply Because You of Your Religion

If you are a Christian or a Catholic, then you should not even be wondering why you should celebrate Good Friday. Celebrating this day plus the other days of the holy week is a part of your religion. You may have grown up commemorating the sacrifices of the lord Jesus Christ each year since you were still a child. People coming from other religions like Protestant and Byzantine also celebrate Good Friday.

For Reflection and Recollection

With all the solemn activities that can be conducted on Good Friday, you will be able to reflect and recollect. You will be able to think about the sacrificed made by the Lord Jesus Christ and how he died on the cross as the nails drove into his hands just to cleanse you from his sins. You will be able to reflect on such things, pray for forgiveness for your sins, and recollect yourself to become a much better person.

It Happens Only Once a Year

Another reason why you should celebrate good Friday is that it happens only once a year. Like Christmas day and New Year or even your birthday, Good Friday is also a good celebration. And this time, what you celebrate is the commemoration of the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ.

It Happens Before Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is indeed the best part of the holy week. What we celebrate during this day is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ that is why everyone is so happy. There are a lot of fun filled events to attend to. Not to mention the Easter egg hunts. However, before celebrating Easter Sunday, you should first celebrate Good Friday. The holy week celebration would not be complete without this solemn day.

With those good reasons, you may now be determined to celebrate the upcoming Good Friday 2019. Make sure plan ahead of time and to prepare for the holy week in order to maximize the celebration.

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