The Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday – Good Friday 2019 April 19

The holy week ends with the Easter Sunday. After the sorrowful Good Friday and Black Saturday, the Easter Sunday is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm. It is the climax of the Lent season and also gives a turning point to the humankind from loss to victory.

The celebration of the Good Friday 2019 is near. And with that being said, the celebration of the Easter Sunday is also just right around the corner. Before embarking on a journey to prepare and plan your celebration for the holy week, you should first understand what Easter Sunday is and why you should celebrate it in the first place.

The Real Meaning

Back in the ancient times, the Easter is celebrated in connection with the Jewish Passover, which happened on the first full moon of the Jewish month of Nisan which coincides with the spring equinox. However, this was revised due to the differences in the Julian and the Roman calendar. The final revision was made by Pope Gregory XIII who took into account the leap year. The term Easter is thought to have originated from the term Ostern which is an ancient Roman fiest of enjoyment.

Symbols and Traditions

There are various symbols for the Easter Sunday. Bunnies or rabbits are one of the most famous symbols of the Easter. This is thought to have originated from the ancient people using carved figures of bunnies during the Easter celebration. Eggs are also symbols of the Easter. Eggs symbolize a new life which may be the primary reason why it is an important symbol for the Easter Sunday celebration which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A Time to Rejoice

Easter Sunday is basically a time to rejoice since it marks the resurrection of Christ and his ascension to heaven. The mass is as lively as ever and the people are happy in enjoying the day. Parties are also held especially for the children in the form of Easter egg hunts.

That is all for the enjoyable Easter Sunday celebration. This event is near so you should prepare already. But take into account first the very near Good Friday 2019.

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