Offered Church Services on Good Friday – Good Friday 2019 April 19

Now that Good Friday 2019 is near, everyone is preparing for all the activities that will be included in the celebration, including those activities that will be held within the churches. If you still do not know what the services of the church are during Good Friday, then you better read the facts below in order to get all the information that you need about these activities and determine which service you should attend.

Station of the Cross

Church services on holy Friday may include the Stations of the Cross. They may also be displayed at the center of the town or some other landmarks of the city like the plaza. These stations depict the journey of Christ through crucifixion. You can look at these stations and understand what Christ went through before he was nailed on the Cross.

Proclamation of the Narrative

The proclamation of the narrative is a part of the church service for Good Friday. There are three ways in which the proclamation of the narrative may be done. First, either the short or long version of the passion story may be read dramatically by various people or just one person. The version most recommended to be used is the Service of Tenebrae because it has accurate translation from the Greek and avoids the blaming of the Jewish people for the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Second, the choir may sing the passion narrative. And third, hymns may be sung by the people inside the church in intervals as the reading goes on.

Seven Last Words

During Good Friday, the seven last sayings of Jesus Christ on the cross is also commemorated based on several readings. These last sayings show Christ’s heroism as he asks God to forgive all the people who have sinned. Such abnegation it was that nothing can live up to its level.

Meditation at the Cross

The church mass for the Good Friday includes a mediation at the cross. During the part of the mass for the meditation at the cross, people may be invited to go in front of the cross and kneel before it. This is a highly recommended activity for you to be able to have a solemn prayer of forgiveness and thanksgiving for all the sacrifices that the lord Jesus Christ has made for you.

Passion Play

The church may also provide a passion play outside of it. This passion play is composed of actors who re-enact the sufferings and pain of Jesus Christ when he got crucified and died to save humankind.

These are all the services and activities that you can experience for the upcoming Good Friday 2019. If you want, you can attend all of these and have a solemn and more understanding celebration of the holy week.

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