The Importance of Prayer During the Good Friday 2019

Indeed, prayers are the biggest part of the Good Friday celebration. The day cannot be celebrated to the fullest without the tons of prayer that will be celebrated. Whichever kind of event you may attend for the upcoming Good Friday 2019, there will always be some prayers to be recited. As a Christian or a Catholic, you should already know why you should pray during this day and any other day. If not, then read the facts below about the importance of prayers during the Good Friday.

Good Friday 217 Importance

Good Friday 217 Importance

To Have a Solemn Celebration

Good Friday is a day celebrated to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross and undergone a series of tortures and beatings just to erase the sins of humankind and save us all from an impending apocalypse. For this reason, Good Friday is celebrated solemnly. And the best way to celebrate this day solemnly is through prayers. Closing your eyes, putting your hands up together, and connecting with the almighty ones can help you do a solemn activity for the day.

To Ask for Forgiveness and for Thanksgiving

As mentioned earlier, Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself to save us all. Therefore, we all should ask for forgiveness and thanksgiving to Jesus. You can do this by doing a prayer. Connect with the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness for all of the sins you have committed in your life, be it a mild or serious sin. You should also connect with Jesus through a prayer to give thanks for saving you, your friends, your family, and all the people in the world.

To Honor God and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

You should also conduct prayers during Good Friday to honor God and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Adore both of them and thank them for their grace and mercy. Thank them for giving you a chance to live in this world even if you are sinful.

To Connect with Other People

Prayers are not only done individually, they can also be done by groups. This is yet another reason why you should do prayers during Good Friday – to connect with other people. You may do prayers either in the form of group recital prayers or through a prayer song.

Now, you know the importance of prayers during the Good Friday celebration and thus you are now ready for the Good Friday 2019.


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