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Holy Friday

Good Friday is a very important date to Christians and Catholics. This is the day when they commemorate the sacrifices of Jesus to save the people of the world. Jesus was crucified by the Romans on the hillside of Jerusalem. Crucifixion is the act of tying the hands and feet of a person then nailing them on a wooden cross and be left there to suffer. This process was experienced by Jesus Christ before he died for everyone. This is the primary reason why the cross is a faithful symbol for Christians and Catholics. Such an act is commemorated every selected dates, either March or April, of every year. Such commemoration is celebrated on the Good Friday, a day which is a part of the holy week. For the next year, the upcoming Good Friday 2019 is on April 14, 2019.

The Term Good Friday

You may be wondering why Good Friday is called as such. Some of you, who may not be familiar with the origin of the word, may be thinking why is it called Good Friday. Now, the reason why it is called as such is that during the old years, good means holy. Therefore, Good Friday means holy Friday. Other terms for Good Friday are Black Friday and Easter Sunday.

Parades and Penitents

A lot of countries from all over the world celebrate Good Friday through parades. Such parades feature the penitents, who sacrifice themselves by doing hard tasks as commemoration to the sufferings experienced by Jesus when he died to save humanity. The most common kind of penitential act is the carrying of a large and heavy wooden cross while having the long parade. Other forms of penitential act may be too extreme. Some people hold balls with spikes on them then throw them on their backs while they bleed. Other people do the actual crucifixion.

Some medical professionals say that such acts are putting the lives of the penitents in danger. However, experts say that people who undergo crucifixion are nailed to the cross while avoiding the most fatal sites or parts of their hands and feet, making the act much safer. Regardless of the kind of penitential act made, a lot of people celebrate easter Good Friday by joining on the parade or just by watching them.

Church Masses and Services

Good Friday cannot be celebrated completely without masses, prayers, and services on the Church. There are several kinds of masses that are done on the day. However, the most important one is the mass at 3:00 pm. This is the exact time when Jesus Christ died on the cross. People attend their local churches for the masses. Other people, who cannot go to the church, stop what they are doing for the time being then relaxes themselves and pray for the lord Jesus Christ.

Other services are also being done on the day of the Good Friday. Such services include the reading of the bible and singing of songs. Devoted people do such services as commemoration to the death of Jesus Christ. They pay for forgiveness of their sins as well as for thanking Jesus for saving humanity. Such services are highly recommended, especially to devotees, because these will enable them to reflect on themselves and have solemn prayers for Jesus. Make sure to save the good friday 2019 date so that you will be able to plan ahead of time which kinds of church services you will attend or do for the holy day.

The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross is one of the most popular and common traditions for celebrating Good Friday. The Stations of the Cross exhibit a total of fourteen stations showing the journey of Christ to crucifixion. Each station has its own act or portrayal of what happened to Jesus while on his way to the hillside of Jerusalem, where he was crucified and died for the sake of humanity. Commemorating Good Friday with your family and friends may usually involve sending out some pictures and images about Good Friday. If you need some Good Friday images, then you may use the Stations of the Cross images since they can help your friends and family members remember how Jesus died to save us.

Passion Plays

Aside from the parades and penitents, passion plays are also done as a part of the celebration of Holy Friday. During passion plays, like the Stations of the Cross, the journey of Christ to his crucifixion and saving humankind is also portrayed. However this time, such journey is portrayed in a theatre like environment wherein actors and actresses take part in the play. Passion plays may be accompanied by one or more solemn prayers and faithful singing.

To celebrate good Friday, you may either watch passion plays or take part in them. You are highly recommended to watch passion plays if you want to know more about what really happened to Christ when he got crucified. However, to level up the celebration, you may take part in the play. If you act good, then you can be an actor or actress in the play. On the other hand, if you are good in organizing things, then you may organize the passion play itself or even direct the actors and actresses in it. Try to think about what you would like to do about this so that you will be ready for the upcoming Good Friday 2019.

Sending Out Holy Friday Greetings

Good Friday cannot be complete without you sending out some nice greetings about the holy Friday to your friends and family members. Greet people around you and let them remember the holy sacrificial day. Your greetings may come either in the form of pictures or images with greetings on them or just personal greetings. It will be nice to share the holy day with you colleagues, relatives, and friends and have conversations about the sacrifice that Jesus has made to save us all. Begin such conversations by giving then some nice good Friday greetings.

Wish Your Friends and Family Members A Good Life During Holy Friday

It will also be good for you to wish your friends and family members a good life during the holy Friday. You can do this by giving them some nice Good Friday wishes like “May the light of the Lord’s love shine on you and Brighten your Heart On this Holy Day And Always.” Wishes like this would put a smile on the receiver. They will not only be able to remember the holy sacrificial day but also be happy to have someone wish them a good life along with Good Friday.

Send Some Good Friday Quotes

Just like holy Friday wishes, it will also be good for you to send some good Friday quotes to your friends and relatives to help them remember the holy day as well as to share the commemoration of the sacrifices that the lord Jesus Christ has done to save us all. You can send some quotes like “To holy people the very name of Jesus is a name to feed upon, a name to transport. His name can raise the dead and transfigure and beautify the living.” Such quotes will not only make the receivers remember the holy sacrificial day but also how the sacrifice was made by Jesus just to save them.

Use Your Gadget to Connect with Your Relatives and Friends on Good Friday

Apart from sending some nice good Friday greetings, wishes, and quotes, you may also send out some nice good Friday SMS to your relatives and friends as commemoration of the holy Friday event as well as to help them remember the holy sacrificial day. This can make them share the celebration with you. Let them hear the word of Jesus Christ on the bible, watch how he sacrificed himself to save us all on passion plays, visualize the journey of Christ to crucifixion by viewing the Stations of the Cross, and pray solemnly to Christ for forgiveness and thanksgiving by attending masses, novenas, or by doing solemn individual prayers.

You can initiate such activities with your relatives and friends by sending them some nice holy Friday messages like “Thinking of U on Good Friday and praying that the Lord keep u in his Loving care.” You can send such messages using your smart phone, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadgets. You can also send them such messages using your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Now that you know the traditional happenings on a holy Friday, make sure to have a solemn, forgiving, and thankful holy Friday. Plan the activities that you want to do for the upcoming Good Friday 2019 which is on April 14. Along with the traditional happenings that you want to experience on Good Friday, you can include the events that you want to experience for the rest of the holy week which includes Maundy Thursday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

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