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How exactly Catholic Christians have a Good Friday 2019? This is quite a vague question if you ask someone who has no information about it. He might think and take it as any random Friday. However, if you will ask any Christian, he would know that you are talking about that particular Friday which is celebrated all across the world. It is a legal, public holiday in most parts of the world. Specially those which are known as a Catholic Christian majority countries. Other than that, 13 states of US have also declared as a public holiday.have-a-good-friday

How to have a Good Friday?

People wish and greet Catholic and Protestant Christians on the Good Friday. Here it is important to know why and for what they are greeted. What is so enchanting about it that even after knowing that it is an agonizing event, people greet it to others.

Here is the logic to it. When Jesus was taken from the garden to the trials, he suffered a lot. He was taken down the road and was forced to wear crown made up of thorns. What happened next was unbelievable. He was crucified along with two other men who were the prisoners and criminals. Now, in today’s world it has a deeper impact as of the fact that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of people who followed him.

Good Friday is wished in order to remind others of that day when Jesus was hung without having any done anything wrong. So, the essence of wishing it has remained there since years and years.


All in all, we can say that the term Good Friday is about the death and fructification received from his sacrifice to the followers of his time and afterwards. Moreover, it is a reality that celebrating Good Friday as in the form of remembrance and less of a joyous event is given a proper legal holiday.

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