What, When, and What Happens During the Holy Week? Good Friday 2019

The last week of the Lent season is called the Holy week. This week starts from the Palm Sunday to Good Friday and Holy Saturday. This is then succeeded by the Easter Sunday. Good Friday 2019 is near and it wil be the time again to commemorate, re-enact, and reflect upon the sufferings and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to save all of us – the humankind.

The Days of the Holy Week

The Holy week starts with the Palm Sunday. Lots of people, especially the Christians and Catholics, go to the church to attend the mass. There are even souvenirs of palms that can be taken back at home to symbolize the holy day. Some people even use such palm designs to expel all evil.

Good Friday 2019

good friday 2019

Normal days are then experienced for the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Some countries declare the entire week as a holiday. Some people take the free time to have a vacation away with their families while some dedicate their entire time for the holy week by attending different churches.

The Maundy Thursday is then observed. People prepare for the upcoming days of the holy week. It is also a day where people conduct processions and services on the church. The Good Friday is then observed the following day. This day is considered as solemn and full of prayers since it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. Passion plays are usually conducted during this day. Expect such things to happen for the upcoming Good Friday 2019.

Black Saturday then happens. People usually fast during this day. This day is also considered sacred because it is the only day of the year that symbolizes that Jesus is dead after being nailed on the cross. This day is the continuation of mourning.

The next day is the enjoyable one full of celebration. It is the Easter Friday and Sunday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This day usually starts with a mass. People conduct Easter parties. The most famous one is the Easter egg hunt.

The Upcoming Holy Week

The holy week is near. Particularly, Good Friday is on April 14, 2019. Lots of people are now preparing for the events that will be conducted during these days of the week. There are also people now planning their itinerary for their vacations and do good Friday food celebrations.

Happenings on the Holy Week

Holy Week is basically filled with holy and religious traditions and celebrations. It is filled with masses, church services, prayers, exhibits, passion plays, and fasting.

Make sure to prepare for the near Good Friday 2019 to experience the most out of it.


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