Good Friday in Span

Good Friday in Spanish as a religious celebration? Easter is near! The Holy Week is going to start. Throughout the world, different cultures, countries, communities and sects have their own traditions to celebrate the Good Friday holidays.

As believers of the Catholic and Protestant religion gather in churches all over the world to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, people all over the world are going to celebrate their own way.

 Do you want to know other Good Friday in Spanish Tradition?

The inhabitants of Spain celebrate Good Friday by fly homemade kites, eating pies to cod, hot sandwiches in the shape of a cross. The traditional Spanish kites are made of colored paper and fabric, long tails, wood, metal and rope.

They have an interesting tradition for the season known as the ” Easter of the Crime “. In this period of the year all over the country you read yellow books or watch police series or crime-series broadcast on national television.

Easter is an important holiday in Spain; the Norwegians have a way to celebrate the arrival of spring after the long and dark winter. Holidays for many become a way to bring families together. 

The traditional Spanish lunch is made of boiled potatoes and vegetables with lamb, accompanied by Easter beer. The meal is followed by a selection of cakes and sweets and ubiquitous Easter eggs. The dining table is decorated with daffodils and other typical decorations. Good Friday is a holy day when it is forbidden to laugh, speak loudly and do leisure things.

For those who believe, but also for those who consider Christianity one of the many revelations to man, it is the celebration of the greatest blessing. Friday is the song of life, vibrant and powerful. 

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