Good Friday in France

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is one of the most holy events for the Christians all around the world. This is a day which they observe on a good Friday in France before the Easter and also after the Maundy Thursday. Both the Good Friday and Maundy Thursday are almost the same thing. Christians recall the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the Good Friday, whereas, Maundy Thursday is to commemorate the Maunday and Last Supper of the Jesus Christ together with the Apostles.

Good Friday in France

The population of France is about 67 million and out of which the percentage of Roman Catholic is 88 percent. This clearly means that the Good Friday is really important for the people of France. There is often a public holiday too on Good Friday in some parts of the France. Just like the other Christians from all around the world, the Christians living in France also observe this day silently by simply remembering and recalling the sacrifices which the Jesus Christ made for them.This Happens as Easter Friday in France.

There is a special tradition in some of the Catholic Churches of France, where Good Friday is observed as a fast day. Many of the French families respect this fast by having only one full meal and two light ones, they also avoid eating any kind of meat except fish. On Good Friday 2019, fish is one of the most popular foods among the people of France.

good friday in france


Parts of liturgy in France on Good Friday

Liturgy is often defined as a Christian’s form of worship or ritual. In France, there are three parts of the liturgy which is followed by the Christians. The three parts of the special liturgy are the Liturgy of the World, the Veneration of the Cross and the Holy Communion.

Moreover, the Catholics in France also follow the ‘Stations of the Cross which is comprised of 14 stages. According to the Catholics, all the 14 stages depict the ‘Passion of Jesus’, therefore, they follow this ritual.

On Good Friday In France, no church bells are rung due to the respect and mourning and children are often told with the stories that the church bells have gone on pilgrimage and will now return on the Easter Sunday along with some chocolate eggs.

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