Good Friday and Easter 2020 in India Day and Date

Good Friday and Easter 2020 in India Day and Date, Easter Friday in France

Easter Friday is a day when sadness hovers over the world. The day starts with people mourning the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Christian’s community remember the love of Jesus Christ and suffering of Jesus Christ. The death on the cross has left a mark on Christians of the whole world. There are many Christian’s communities that spend ay in fasting and praying. Easter Friday in India is celebrated moderately because there are only two percent Christians present in India.

Good Friday and Easter 2020 in India Day and Date

When will be Easter Friday celebrated in India in 2020?

Easter Friday in India is celebrated as around the world. It will be held on 14 April. As the community of Christians in India is very small. The implied event will not hold much significance importance in India. Although Government of India has given a holiday for the Christians community.

How people celebrate this event every year?

People celebrate this event in manner of sorrow. As this was the day on which Jesus Christ sacrificed for the human kind. Different Christians have different ways of performing days rituals. Catholic people recite the prayers while many observe fast whole day. Holy Friday – Goodfriday2020 – Good Friday 2020 Date Worldwide

There is a little difference in people performing silence or fast. It means they accept the sacrifice of the Jesus Christ and follow him. Different churches symbolize the event by showing signs outside the church.

What rituals are performed on this day in India?

The rituals may be different but they have same idea. Some rituals where the whole day is colorless. While some may be observing fast. There are traditions between people to meet at the churches to conduct the local meeting the whole week. Some very traditional Christians communicate the last messages of Jesus Christ.

What extent this event is important to the people

If they are fasting whole day or keeping silence whole day for a personality who sacrificed himself for us. This show they are willing to show respect the Jesus Christ sacrifice and are thankful. Eyes full of tears are on every church.

How Easter Friday in India can be celebrated differently?

People from other religions can join the Christian community in their mourn. This will improve bonds between diverse communities.


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