Good Friday 2019 in Spanish Easter | Easter Friday in Spain

Good Friday 2019 in Spanish Easter | Easter Friday in Spain, Good Friday and Easter 2019 in India Day and Date

Good Friday 2019 in Spanish Easter Easter Friday in Spain

What is Easter?

Easter is one of the most important events for the Christians from all around the world. It is celebrated after the Holy Week following the Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and the Good Friday. It is considered as an event of joy and happiness, after a sorrowful holy week because as per the Christians beliefs; Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every country has its traditions, which are followed by the Easter.


Easter celebrations in Spain

Spain has a population of around 46.78 million and out of which 68 percent of the population is Catholic Christians, which makes Easter a very important festival. Everything is decorated with the flowers and shiny decorative items. The preparations for Easter start of a night earlier from the particular day of celebration.
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There are floats known as tronos which are decorated to carry through the street. Each float is decorated with some amazing figures drawn on them, depicting Easter stories. Almost forty to fifty people carry each decorated float on their shoulders for the procession, which at times last for six to sever hours. Then these men sit down and eat some food on the Easter Sunday.

In some parts of the Spain, the procession is accompanied by the drums and choir who sing happy and celebratory songs in the honour of Easter. There is a village named Hellin, where eight to ten thousand drums are beaten between the Holy Wednesday and the Easter Sunday. Many competitions are also held for the biggest and the best procession. People enjoy this particular tradition, and this is the reason that people spend so much time and money on trying to put the best procession.

A giant cross is carried along with every procession. People who take part in the procession, dress in traditional capirote, which is a tall conical hat big enough to cover their faces and belted robes. The big capirotes are worn so that the people wearing them cannot be recognized as the sinners. Women wear a black lace veil.

The chocolate eggs are not famous much in Spain. Torrijas,  a famous sweet snack made out of bread soaked in milk and eggs is served with sugar and honey. It is one of the traditions of Spaniards.


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