Good Friday 2020 in Spain | Good Friday in Spain Traditions

Good Friday 2020 in Spain | Good Friday in Spain Traditions, Good Friday 2020 in Athens Greece | Is Good Friday a Public Holiday in Greece ?

Without any rituals and traditions, any country or religion is incomplete. The traditions and rituals play a really important role among people. Good Friday is one of the most common and an important event in the Spain as Catholic Christianity is the largest religion in Spain with about 68% Catholic Christians population; therefore, almost every Christian in Spain attend this event of mourning and praying.

Good Friday 2020 in Spain | Good Friday in Spain Traditions

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a day which is observed by many Christians around the world, on the Friday before Easter Sunday and the day after Maundy Thursday. Maundy Thursday is the holy day for Christians on which they commemorate the Maundy of Jesus Christ as per the Christian Bible. There is also a scary special ‘Dance of Death’ performance at night for which the men dress as the skeletons.


Traditions to be followed on Good Friday

There is as such no particular celebratory tradition because Good Friday is a day for Christians to which they try to repent for all of their wrong doings by recalling all the things which Jesus Christ sacrificed for them. Many parades can be seen on that day throughout the Spain, as all of them walk through the streets, wearing long robes with hoods. They also hold a big cross of wood while going to the parade. The overall purpose of the Good Friday for Christians is to pray for them, repent and pray for the Jesus Christ by recalling the whole incident of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is known as Good Friday because back in that time, the word good depicted something holy. Therefore, it was named as a Good Friday or a Holy Friday. Good Friday 2020 Greetings Quotes Images Wishes

There is no sort of flowers or decorations done in the church, and people wear the color black just to show mourning. Moreover, many Christians in Spain fast on the Good Friday to be pure from all of their wrong doings and also to show the mourning. They try to do some extra good deeds such as reading the Bible, the stories of Jesus and by going to the church for the special prayer which is arranged on the Good Friday. Everyone prays for peace and forgiveness.

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