What message good Friday 2019 quotes give?

Are you going to search the quotes for good Friday 2019? There are several websites that provides you enough material for your celebrations. It is the day of sadness. The quotes are highly impressive and close to the religion. The life was much better before the invention of money and new technology. Man has learnt many things and has drawn new roads, but quality of life and peace of mind has lost from the life. Today we are running after money blindly and we have no time to give our family. Money is only the motivation of life today because it is the source of delight and amusement. We have lost our health while running after money.


What is Good Friday?

It was a day that remind about the sacrifice of Jesus Crist. He died on cross for human and humanity. It is the Friday before Sunday of ester. It is a religious event when Christian community goes to church and pray before Lord. The quotes you find online are formed for giving the message of virtue and spiritual deeds. It makes your eternal life beautiful. There are many things that we cannot buy with money.

Love: Love is the fundamental need of life, it cannot take form market and the wealth of love is getting rare in this age of matter.

Peace: Science and technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Man has invented very dangerous weapons for his safety, but the other aspect is that these are invented to kill humanity. In this way we have ruined our peace that can never be purchased from anywhere.

Happiness: We are running after matter for getting satisfaction of life, but all in vain, because happiness can be drawn by family members and good memories. It can be bought due to the materialistic approach.

Good Deeds: Virtue is the key to success that is not available in any shop. The facts of life make us wise and intelligent. Good thoughts and acts are important for living a happy life.

These quotes are available online and can easily be downloaded.

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