Good Friday 2019 Festival in India | Good Friday Holiday 2019

Good Friday 2019 Festival in India | Good Friday Holiday 2019, Good Friday 2019 in Canada Holiday Store Hours

Good Friday 2019 Festival  in India | Good Friday Holiday 2019 In India, Good Friday is a Christian holiday. The special services that people perform include special church prayers. Some of the businesses and government offices are also closed. The normal practice is to close the churches after the special prayer, and people have bitter drinks such as vinegar, leaves juice, etc. many people fast and do not eat meat on this day. In India, it is regarded as the day of sadness just like other places.


Most people in India pray and have special services in the churches on Good Friday. Some of the Christians also arrange the parades and plays to display the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life. In most areas of India, the sadness of this day is shown in different ways. The churches remain dark and vacant after the afternoon. Everyone taste the bitter drink made in the churches.

Good Friday in India General Public

All the government institutes and offices are closed on Good Friday in India. However, some of the organizations may open for a small time and reduce the hours of closing. The parades and local prayer may interrupt the traffic timing so check the schedule before going to take public transport. It mostly happens in places with more population of Christian society.

Practices of Christians

The fasts and prayers are arranged for this event. Palm Sunday and last Supper of Jesus are the part of this holy week. It is the reflection of Jesus’ life. People try to follow that path and become kinder towards others. It also represents the sufferings and sacrifices of Christ.

Business life

Most businesses are closed due to local holiday but some of the offices in Goa; Assam etc. is opened because these are the places with the less Catholic majority. The stock markets are not opened as well. The central government declares the statutory holiday for all. Holy Friday – Goodfriday2019 – Good Friday 2019 Date Worldwide

As in India, there are less Catholic Christians there are not many distinguished practices like in other countries. People take rest as it is holiday and offer prayers. Respect is given to the sacrifices of Jesus on this holy week.

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