Good Friday 2019 in Canada Holiday Store Hours

Good Friday 2019 in Canada Holiday Store Hours, Easter Friday 2019 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions

Good Friday 2019 in Canada Holiday Store HoursGood Friday in Canada is a Public Holiday. It is the Friday that comes two days ahead of Easter Sunday. The dates when Good Friday is probable to occur are from 22nd March to 25th April. The Christians mark this day as the memory of Christ’s death. Even the people who do not visit the church regularly during the year attend the church on this day. People take rest and worship on this day in churches.


People enlighten the candles. They have crosses, statues and paintings with them that are covered with gray, black and purple colors. Some of the Catholics often have a partial fast on this day. They do not eat meat during Good Friday. Most of the Catholics remove all the shiny objects and flowers from their homes to represent mourning.
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Non-Christian Canadians

The Canadians who do not belong to Christianity, Good Friday is regarded as three to four days holiday because it is a public holiday. Most of the people take a small leave from the work to visit their friends and family. Some of the people also avail this opportunity to go on outing with their family.

Related events in Canada

On the Good Friday of 1964, a terrible earthquake hit this region. That also caused a tsunami. It is incurred great damages and nearly 400 homes were destroyed due to that event.

Hot cross buns

The traditional food normally famous on Black Friday is Hot Cross bun. This bun is like bread which also contains some dry fruits. The specialty of this bun is that it has a cross on the top of it which is covered with sugar. It is eaten with butter spread over the top of it. The cross on the top could be cut, and there is particular dough which stays light even after the bun is baked.

Some exceptions

Although it is a statutory holiday in Canada approved from the federal authorities, but this does not apply in the state of Quebec. The employees are given a choice to either take a holiday on Easter Monday or Good Friday.

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