Good Friday 2019 in Athens Greece | Is Good Friday a Public Holiday in Greece ?

Good Friday 2019 in Athens Greece | Is Good Friday a Public Holiday in Greece ? Good Friday in the United States | Is Easter Friday a Bank Holiday in USA

The Good Friday is a day observed by the Christians from all around the world, before an Easter Sunday. Good Friday in Greece is a part of the Holy Week of Easter together with the Maundy Thursday. Christians observe this day to remember the sacrifices made for them by the Jesus Christ. It is a day of mere sadness for all the Christians.

Good Friday 2019 in Athens Greece | Is Good Friday a Public Holiday in Greece ?

Good Friday in Greece

Greece has a population of around 11.05 million and out of which 98 percent of the population belongs to the religion Orthodox Christianity. Moreover, the Eastern Orthodox Church and Christian Church are currently old religious institutions in the world is a part of Greece. Therefore, Good Friday holds great importance to the people of Greece. Millions of Orthodox Christians recall commemorate the events which lead to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The preparations for the Good, Friday in Greece, start from the early morning. One of the very important traditions which are followed on the Good Friday by the Orthodox Christians is the carrying of the Epitaph, which fully decorated with flowers. The tradition includes the carrying of Epitaph, in which a cross, wrapped in linen is put, symbolizing a tome of the Jesus Christ. Good Friday 2019 in UK, US, India, Canada, Australia

At late night, the Epitaph is carried across every Greek town and village, along with a choir at times, which sings sad songs to depict sorrow and mourning. People and children carry candles in their hands and also throw flowers and spray perfume on the Epitaph.

It is somehow a tradition in some parts of the Greece, where the people drink vinegar on the Good Friday. Some of the churches have statues of Jesus and Mary placed right in the center, just to remember the sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

People go to the church wearing black dresses and in full sorrow as if they are going to attend a funeral. Some of the Orthodox churches also have models of the tombs, placed as the centerpiece of the service, so that people can remember that how the Jesus Christ died.

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