Floral Symbols on Easter Week – Good Friday 2019

From the many symbols presented an displayed during the Easter week, one of the most popular ones are the floral symbols. Flowers are very popular during the Easter celebration primarily because they blossom during the spring which is the time of the Easter celebration. In addition to that, the blooming of flowers also symbolizes a new life. For the upcoming good Friday 2019, you may want to decorate or make use of the floral symbols. If yes, than you should read this article to be able to know the different floral symbols on the Easter week.

Floral Symbols on Easter Week

Floral Symbols on Easter Week

A lot of flowers are associated with the Easter and spring festivals. Specific kinds of flowers were even given the special meanings by the Catholics and the Christians to make their celebration of Easter a lot more powerful and meaningful. These are the flowers of the Easter celebration:


Lilies are flowers often colored white. They symbolize goodness and purity. They help Christians celebrate Easter in a way to remember the purity, kindness, and perfection of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross and sacrificed himself to be able to save the humankind by erasing all of their sins.

Passion Flower

Unlike the Lilies, the passion flowers have been given a lot of meaning by the Christians during the Easter celebration.  However, passion flowers help Christians remember the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The three stamens of a passion flower represent the three nails of Jesus on the Christ which are the Trinity, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The circle of petals then represents the crowns made of thorns worn by Jesus on his journey to crucifixion. In addition, a passion flower has ten petals, which symbolizes the ten disciples of Jesus Christ who did not betray him. The spike-like leaves represent the spear that was used to wound the side of Jesus Christ. And lastly, the passion flower usually lasts for three days, which represents the three days that Jesus spent on his tomb before being alive once again to erase all evil in the world.

A lot of churches from different parts of the world make use of these flowers in their flower festivals for the Easter celebration. If you want to make use of these flowers too on your celebration of the good Friday 2019 then go purchase some of them.

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