When is Easter Sunday 2019 in the Philippines?

Easter Sunday 2019 in the Philippines will be held on April 21, 2019, which is a day after the Black Saturday. Just like Good Friday and Black Saturday, Easter Sunday can be celebrated either on March or on April depending on which month the holy week falls.

How to Celebrate Easter Sunday?

Perhaps out of all the days in the Lenten season, the Easter Sunday is the most diverse day of celebration since there are just numerous ways on how this day is celebrated. The way of celebrating can vary from one culture to another or one country to another.

Usually, most Christians and Catholics start the day by going to the Church, praying for the Lord Jesus Christ, and celebrating his resurrection from death and his ascension to heaven. After participating in such a mass, people go home to their own families to celebrate the Holy Sunday with them. They usually prepare meals and feast on the many foods together.

Many people conduct Easter Parties. Children especially are made to participate in Easter Egg hunts where they are tasked to look for eggs in a specific area and the child or children with the highest number of eggs win the game. The egg is one of the symbols of Easter Sunday since egg connotes for birth or rebirth which is analogous to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday Quotes, Easter Sunday Messages, and Easter Sunday WhatsApp Status

As part of your Easter Sunday celebration, you should share some Easter Sunday Quotes, Messages, and WhatsApp Status to your friends and family members online. If you want some ideas for quotes, here are some below:

  • May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy. Happy Easter!
  • May the day that God has resurrected bring you happiness, love, and joy. Have a fulfilling and joyful Easter!
  • Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with peace, joy, and cheer! Have a happy Easter!

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