Easter Friday in France

What is Easter?

Easter is a celebratory festival of the Christians from all around the world. The Christians celebrate Easter Friday In France after a Holy Week of fasting and mourning. Every country has its traditions and rituals which are followed in this blessed event of Easter Friday In France. The chocolate Easter eggs are very famous in the Easter celebrations. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Along with the eggs, the rabbit sign also marks the festival of Easter.Easter festival is on 14 April Good Friday 2019 this time.

Easter Friday in France

As most of the population of France is Catholic Christians. Therefore, Easter is a really important festival among the people of France. Easter celebrations start a night before the actual event day; people start decorating their houses and shops. All the houses and shops are decorated with the white and dark chocolate rabbits, chicken bells, fish and eggs. There is a tradition of finding Easter eggs, which is very popular in France. Children try to find the Easter eggs hidden in their homes in the Easter morning.Some people say it good Friday in France also.


easter friday in france

There is also a very famous competition named as ‘rolling raw eggs’. It is a very old custom; some eggs are rolled down a slope, and the egg, which survives till the end of the slope is marked as the ‘victory egg’. The victory egg symbolises the stone being rolled away from the tomb of the Jesus Christ.

Then there is another tradition known as the ‘flying bells’. As per the French Catholics believe, on the day of Good Friday, no Church bells to be rung because all of the church bells fly to the Vatican to Rome, carrying all the grief and sorrow along with them of those who mourn on the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ. Then on the Easter day, those bells come back and bring a lot of chocolates and Easter eggs along with them. The largest ‘Easter Eggs Hunt’ also takes place in Paris, where more than ten thousand of eggs is required to be found by everyone who takes part in the hunt.

The French Catholics celebrate the Easter Friday In France with great enthusiasm. Fancy food is prepared, and everything is neatly decorated. The traditional Easter food of France is prepared, which is a lamb dish. People drink and celebrate this event with great joy!

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