Easter Friday 2019 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions

Easter Friday 2019 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions, Easter Friday 2019 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions

Easter Friday 2019 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland TraditionsEaster Friday which is also known as Good Friday is commemorated in Ireland with great respect. It has date confusions because it changes with the lunar calendar. At Easter when you think about chocolates and bunnies, Goo Friday is kept in mind as the memory of a hurtful event. People remember this day and relate it with the sacrifices of Jesus. Because Easter is just around the corner people, do a lot of shopping of chocolates and other stuff.

Local Holiday Easter Friday In Ireland and rituals

In Ireland Easter, Friday is not a local holiday. Offices are opened just like the routine dates and people do their work. While some people take a short leave from their office to enjoy the four days long weekend with their friends and family. The shops close at odd timings. In these days chocolate bunnies along with hot cross buns are pretty famous. Bunnies are related to the Easter as special food while hot cross buns are traditionally associated with Good Friday because it has a cross on its surface. Good Friday 2019 Quotes SMS Greetings Ideas UK USA CANADA


It is illegal to sell alcohol in Ireland on the Good Friday. Mostly pubs and hotels are closed on this day because of the special act passed by the government of Ireland. Many people do not use alcohol in these days as a simple of paying respect to the sacrifices made by Jesus.

Good Friday Agreement

It is also known as Belfast Agreement. It was a special agreement that took place in Ireland during 90s. Many institutions were created as the result of that agreement in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are two main parts of the agreement. One is signed by the heads of two governments, and the other is among the two governments as well as 8 political parties. This agreement is not particularly related to the rituals and ceremonies of Good Fridays, but it is named after this religious event.

People show respect and grief for Easter Friday In Ireland. It is of vital importance to the Catholic Christians living in Ireland. They pay much regard to Good Friday and follow many rituals.

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