Easter Friday 2019 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions

Easter Friday 2019 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions, Easter Friday 2019 in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions

Easter Friday 2019 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece TraditionsEaster Friday is celebrated by many Catholic and Orthodox Christians. It is also called “Great Friday.” They remember this day as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The dates of Catholic Easter Friday are two days before Easter Sunday; the date is set according to the lunar calendar. The Orthodox Christians use certain editions of Julian Calendars also.


Many of the Orthodox Christians have the ritual of holding out of the ordinary readings of the events that lead towards crucifixion. There are many Christians that arrange these meetings for the whole week and also hold many liturgies in the afternoon. There are certain discussion groups of people where they discuss particular topics. There are family retreats. People wrap red eggs that are to be distributed on the Easter Sunday. Many of the grown-up Christians do fasting, prayers, confessions, cleanliness, community work and self-assessment on this day. This leads them towards eradicating mistakes and leading a better life ahead.

New Testament in Bible

Many of the Greece people remember the last moments of Christ as stated in New Testament in Bible. It is a liturgy that is long. However, it is much remarkable. There are sequences of events along with the contribution in prayers. The coffin in passed on the streets through an authentic person. Churches are decorated, and parades are held. People also stage some plays to commemorate the events of that day. Good Friday 2019 in UK, US, India, Canada, Australia

General Public

There is no federal public holiday at Easter Friday in Greece. People gather and celebrate the Easter period with their loved ones. People that are travelers should confirm with their embassies and make sure the availability of transport before making any plans.

There is pressure among the Orthodox Catholics about the date of Easter Friday. Some of them follow old Julian calendar while some go according to the revised calendar. There are certain steps taken to avoid this problem. Some transformations have been made, but there are no fruitful results so far to solve the issue. However, people regard this as really holy week and represent symbols of sadness on Easter Friday due to hurtful events. It is the event of great importance for Christian community.

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