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The Passion of Jesus Christ as Celebrated on Good Friday 2019

With the upcoming Good Friday 2019, you should know why such an event is being celebrated, especially if you are a Christian or a Roman Catholic. Good Friday April 14,2019 is celebrated to commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus Christ through crucifixion. Several events are being held during this day to commemorate the crucifixion. Such events include the passion play, watching a theater act or a film about the crucifixion, and watching an exhibit called the Stations of the Cross.Yes it’s the day of Good Friday.

Passion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday 2019

Good Friday 2019

You may have already watched the Mel Gibson film entitled the Passion of Christ. This film left a lot of viewers in tears for it depicts the difficulties that Christ encountered on his way to being crucified. He was beaten and whipped in front of a crowd who also watched him as he carried a huge heavy cross while wearing a crown made of thorns. It was indeed difficult to watch the scenes of the film for they were just harsh, violent, bloody, and filled with gore. However, there are actually some claims that the sufferings experienced by Christ during the film were far softer and milder than what he actually experienced.All this happened on the day of good Friday.

For your information good friday is also celebrated as Good friday UK , Good Friday in Canada and in many more countries.

According to some research conducted about the weapons used to beat and maul Jesus Christ, his faced would have been unrecognizable after receiving a beating from those weapons. In addition, there are also some researches that say that Christ’s body was so mangled and ripped when he was nailed on the cross that his bones can already be seen.

However, the painful thing about this good Friday 2019 is not the suffering of Christ, but his patience and this unrelenting force which drove him to push relentlessly for the sake of humanity. He wanted to save us all by erasing all of our sins, whatever sin it may be. This implies that all kinds of criminals- thieves, murderers, plunderers, rapists, and all other kinds of criminals – will be forgiven by God because it was Jesus Christ who acted as a sacrifice to save the humankind.

This is what we commemorate during Good Friday. We undergo the same sorrow and pain that Christ experienced not physically but emotionally. We dedicate the entire day to reflect in this sacred act of Jesus Christ and ask for his forgiveness. May this be retained into your mind for the upcoming Good Friday 2019. May you have a solemn day with your friends and family while you remember and commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ.

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Good Friday 2019 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank Holiday

Good Friday 2019 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank Holiday, Good Friday 2019 Festival  in India | Good Friday Holiday 2019

Good Friday 2019 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank HolidayGood Friday is an occasion of, particularly Catholic Christians. It is celebrated to remember the crucifixion of Christ. In Ireland, it is regarded as the day of worship and rest. There is no public holiday on this day. In 2016 the Good Friday was celebrated on Friday, March 25, 2016, while in 2019 it will be on Friday, April 14, 2019. People practice different rituals on this day as a symbol of paying regard.


Different symbols that specifically represent the celebrations of Black Friday in Ireland are that people carry images of Jesus and crosses. The material of which these crosses are made can be plant, metal or wood. The places where they hold these symbols can be their churches, public places or homes. They show respect and worship to pay reverence.


The reason why Black Friday is celebrated is that it is a way of recalling the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day people offer prayers and also get ready for the Easter Celebrations. It is the day of mourning.
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Alcohol selling

As a symbol of respect selling alcohol on Good Friday in Ireland is prohibited in Ireland since 1927. An act of Intoxicating Liquor declared it illegal to sell Alcohol on this day as a symbol of paying respect. Some of the restaurants and pubs remain close during Black Friday.

General Public Reaction

Though it is not a public holiday on this day people pay respect. It is a day of worshipping and resting for Christians. Some of the businesses and Schools close at an earlier time than normal to facilitate the people performing rituals. It is also somewhat difficult to eat something out from your homes and restaurants because the unlicensed pubs and hotels are close on Good Friday in Ireland.


Practices of Christians

Normally many Christians do meditation of personal prayers. Some of the Catholics also join services of special prayers. People clear their homes for making preparations of Easter Sunday. Some people also enjoy the holiday by relaxing with their family. They visit abroad or have a small holiday within Ireland.

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