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Foods and Delicacies on Easter Celebration

Though Easter is celebrated with fasting, it does not mean that people do not eat anything at all. Much like other kinds of celebration, Easter is also celebrated with different kinds of food and delicacies. Just like the success of the celebration of good friday 2019, you should also celebrate the upcoming Good Friday with the traditional foods and delicacies of the Easter celebration to secure the success of your celebration.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

There are a lot of various special foods eaten during the Easter week. One of the most famous foods eaten on this week is the cross bun. These buns are often made in the United Kingdom on the Holy Friday 2019. They are basically made of dough with currants and topped with raisins. The bun represents the moon and the four seasons or four quarters. Christians and Catholics alike make the hot cross buns as symbols for the Cross that Jesus died on when he sacrificed himself to save humanity.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration


Another delicacy during the Easter celebration is the Simnel cake. This is also another delicacy popular in the UK on good friday in Canada. It is a cake full of different kinds of fruits covered with a single layer of Marzipan. The top of the cake is also decorated with eleven Marzipan balls which symbolizes the eleven disciples of Jesus Christ who never betrayed him. In addition, the middle of the cake is also layered with Marzipan.

Pancakes are also delicacies during the Easter celebration on 14 April 2019 . Different kinds of recipes exist for these pancakes specially made for the Easter. You may want to follow a specific recipe that will suit your tastes and preferences. In Italy, salty pretzels are combined with pancakes. In Russia, pancakes are service with cooked anchovies, cream, oranges, and other dried fruits. Also in Greece, pancakes are served during the Easter celebration with a mix of some almonds and other dried fruits.

Now that you know the different foods and delicacies on the Easter celebration, make sure to pick the food that will match your tastes and preferences to have a good celebration of the upcoming Good Friday much like the success of the good friday 2017.

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Easter Friday 2019 in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions

Easter Friday in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions, Good Friday 2019 in Spain | Good Friday in Spain Traditions

Easter Friday in Canada | Good Friday in Canada TraditionsEaster is most widely celebrated Christian event that is also a religious holiday. It is observed as the event that is most important for the Christians after Christmas. There is a difference between the dates of celebrating Easter Friday in Orthodox Christians and Catholics. The Easter Friday is focused on Christ’s date of death. Orthodox Christians follow Julian calendar and Western Christians go according to the lunar calendar. Among Orthodox Christians, there is also much confusion among the users of revised Julian calendar and old Julian calendar.

Rituals and Symbols

Many people take a firm fast on this day especially Orthodox Christians. There are many afternoon liturgies and evening processions. Many women in catholic and orthodox community wear a head scarf during the prayers. People ornament Easter eggs as the preparations for Easter Sunday. People do fasting and meditation. Most of the people strictly avoid eating meat during that day. Drinking and selling of Alcohol is also not regarded as a good practice because of the respect associated with the event. Good Friday 2019 Greetings Quotes Images Wishes

Easter Friday in Canada Public Holiday

There is no holiday announced by the federal government in Canada at Eastern Friday. Most of the people go according to their routines. However, there can be some issues with the traveling and parking conditions. These issues are because of the liturgies, parades and plays held at different places.


Normal practices include preparation of Easter eggs on Easter Friday in Canada. People beautifully decorate the eggs and use red color mostly to symbolize Christ’s blood. Most people eat hot cross buns. There is a small cross on the bun, and the bun is specially made in a pale color that remains even after baking the bun. The top is covered with crushed sugar.

According to the Canadian national and Defense forces, Orthodox Christians show their difference in opinion and position from Catholic churches due to their certain reasons. One of the reasons is that the term Orthodox means the right to worship and teachings. So they consider themselves better than the western Catholic churches. In doing so, they conduct Easter Friday on different dates. There are also many differences in Roman and Canadian Orthodox Catholics.

Good Friday and Easter 2019 in India Day and Date

Good Friday and Easter 2019 in India Day and Date, Easter Friday in France

Easter Friday is a day when sadness hovers over the world. The day starts with people mourning the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Christian’s community remember the love of Jesus Christ and suffering of Jesus Christ. The death on the cross has left a mark on Christians of the whole world. There are many Christian’s communities that spend ay in fasting and praying. Easter Friday in India is celebrated moderately because there are only two percent Christians present in India.

Good Friday and Easter 2019 in India Day and Date

When will be Easter Friday celebrated in India in 2019?

Easter Friday in India is celebrated as around the world. It will be held on 14 April. As the community of Christians in India is very small. The implied event will not hold much significance importance in India. Although Government of India has given a holiday for the Christians community.

How people celebrate this event every year?

People celebrate this event in manner of sorrow. As this was the day on which Jesus Christ sacrificed for the human kind. Different Christians have different ways of performing days rituals. Catholic people recite the prayers while many observe fast whole day. Holy Friday – Goodfriday2019 – Good Friday 2019 Date Worldwide

There is a little difference in people performing silence or fast. It means they accept the sacrifice of the Jesus Christ and follow him. Different churches symbolize the event by showing signs outside the church.

What rituals are performed on this day in India?

The rituals may be different but they have same idea. Some rituals where the whole day is colorless. While some may be observing fast. There are traditions between people to meet at the churches to conduct the local meeting the whole week. Some very traditional Christians communicate the last messages of Jesus Christ.

What extent this event is important to the people

If they are fasting whole day or keeping silence whole day for a personality who sacrificed himself for us. This show they are willing to show respect the Jesus Christ sacrifice and are thankful. Eyes full of tears are on every church.

How Easter Friday in India can be celebrated differently?

People from other religions can join the Christian community in their mourn. This will improve bonds between diverse communities.


Easter Friday in France

What is Easter?

Easter is a celebratory festival of the Christians from all around the world. The Christians celebrate Easter Friday In France after a Holy Week of fasting and mourning. Every country has its traditions and rituals which are followed in this blessed event of Easter Friday In France. The chocolate Easter eggs are very famous in the Easter celebrations. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Along with the eggs, the rabbit sign also marks the festival of Easter.Easter festival is on 14 April Good Friday 2019 this time.

Easter Friday in France

As most of the population of France is Catholic Christians. Therefore, Easter is a really important festival among the people of France. Easter celebrations start a night before the actual event day; people start decorating their houses and shops. All the houses and shops are decorated with the white and dark chocolate rabbits, chicken bells, fish and eggs. There is a tradition of finding Easter eggs, which is very popular in France. Children try to find the Easter eggs hidden in their homes in the Easter morning.Some people say it good Friday in France also.


easter friday in france

There is also a very famous competition named as ‘rolling raw eggs’. It is a very old custom; some eggs are rolled down a slope, and the egg, which survives till the end of the slope is marked as the ‘victory egg’. The victory egg symbolises the stone being rolled away from the tomb of the Jesus Christ.

Then there is another tradition known as the ‘flying bells’. As per the French Catholics believe, on the day of Good Friday, no Church bells to be rung because all of the church bells fly to the Vatican to Rome, carrying all the grief and sorrow along with them of those who mourn on the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ. Then on the Easter day, those bells come back and bring a lot of chocolates and Easter eggs along with them. The largest ‘Easter Eggs Hunt’ also takes place in Paris, where more than ten thousand of eggs is required to be found by everyone who takes part in the hunt.

The French Catholics celebrate the Easter Friday In France with great enthusiasm. Fancy food is prepared, and everything is neatly decorated. The traditional Easter food of France is prepared, which is a lamb dish. People drink and celebrate this event with great joy!

Good Friday in France

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is one of the most holy events for the Christians all around the world. This is a day which they observe on a good Friday in France before the Easter and also after the Maundy Thursday. Both the Good Friday and Maundy Thursday are almost the same thing. Christians recall the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the Good Friday, whereas, Maundy Thursday is to commemorate the Maunday and Last Supper of the Jesus Christ together with the Apostles.

Good Friday in France

The population of France is about 67 million and out of which the percentage of Roman Catholic is 88 percent. This clearly means that the Good Friday is really important for the people of France. There is often a public holiday too on Good Friday in some parts of the France. Just like the other Christians from all around the world, the Christians living in France also observe this day silently by simply remembering and recalling the sacrifices which the Jesus Christ made for them.This Happens as Easter Friday in France.

There is a special tradition in some of the Catholic Churches of France, where Good Friday is observed as a fast day. Many of the French families respect this fast by having only one full meal and two light ones, they also avoid eating any kind of meat except fish. On Good Friday 2019, fish is one of the most popular foods among the people of France.

good friday in france


Parts of liturgy in France on Good Friday

Liturgy is often defined as a Christian’s form of worship or ritual. In France, there are three parts of the liturgy which is followed by the Christians. The three parts of the special liturgy are the Liturgy of the World, the Veneration of the Cross and the Holy Communion.

Moreover, the Catholics in France also follow the ‘Stations of the Cross which is comprised of 14 stages. According to the Catholics, all the 14 stages depict the ‘Passion of Jesus’, therefore, they follow this ritual.

On Good Friday In France, no church bells are rung due to the respect and mourning and children are often told with the stories that the church bells have gone on pilgrimage and will now return on the Easter Sunday along with some chocolate eggs.

Good Friday Holiday – When does it Fall and what it is about?

Good Friday Holiday

Following aspects to the Good Friday Holiday:

Let’s now delve into each question separately to give a proper and correct information.

  • When is Good Friday Holiday in 2019?

In 2019, the year after this, Good Friday will occur on the 14th of April. This is when history will repeat the omens coming from the sky for the celebrations and festivity. It comes right after the Easter Sunday.Good Friday Holiday


  • What happens on Good Friday?

What happens on Good Friday holiday? People commemorates the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday means holy or pious. It is celebrated by the pilgrims who visited Calvary. However, on this day, in Roman Catholic Christians they fast particularly by taking one full meal and two lighter ones. Along with a strict restriction on the consumption of meat.

People fast on this day to remember what Jesus must have gone through. According to many, meat is abstained to recall the torture and misery Jesus had gone through in the past.


  • How Good Friday is celebrated?

On a Good Friday, mass doesn’t celebrate it by the patent way. Contrary to it, there are three parts of the celebrations. Each of them are important and taken equally into account as of others. Three steps or parts of are: Adoration for the Cross, Liturgy of (the) word and Holy Communion.



Good Day holiday falls right after Easter as mentioned above. However, the festivity and celebrations are divided into three parts. In many countries like Germany, Brazil. Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States of America, etc. it is taken as a state holiday – either it is declared as a public or federal holiday.



Have a Good Friday

How exactly Catholic Christians have a Good Friday 2019? This is quite a vague question if you ask someone who has no information about it. He might think and take it as any random Friday. However, if you will ask any Christian, he would know that you are talking about that particular Friday which is celebrated all across the world. It is a legal, public holiday in most parts of the world. Specially those which are known as a Catholic Christian majority countries. Other than that, 13 states of US have also declared as a public holiday.have-a-good-friday

How to have a Good Friday?

People wish and greet Catholic and Protestant Christians on the Good Friday. Here it is important to know why and for what they are greeted. What is so enchanting about it that even after knowing that it is an agonizing event, people greet it to others.

Here is the logic to it. When Jesus was taken from the garden to the trials, he suffered a lot. He was taken down the road and was forced to wear crown made up of thorns. What happened next was unbelievable. He was crucified along with two other men who were the prisoners and criminals. Now, in today’s world it has a deeper impact as of the fact that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of people who followed him.

Good Friday is wished in order to remind others of that day when Jesus was hung without having any done anything wrong. So, the essence of wishing it has remained there since years and years.


All in all, we can say that the term Good Friday is about the death and fructification received from his sacrifice to the followers of his time and afterwards. Moreover, it is a reality that celebrating Good Friday as in the form of remembrance and less of a joyous event is given a proper legal holiday.

Activities Conducted During Holy Week

Holy Week 2019

The holy week is a weeklong celebration of the series of events that include the death or crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection and ascension to heaven. Such week is celebrated since Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save all of us. The celebration of holy week formally starts during the Maundy Thursday followed by Good Friday which then leads to Easter Sunday. If you want to know more about what activities are conducted during the holy week, then you are reading the right article. This article will discuss to you the most important holy week activities.

Visiting Several Catholic or Christian Churches

If you want to experience a more sacrificial celebration of the holy week, then you may level up your visitation to your local church into visitation of several churches. Some people call this activity as “Visita Iglesia” wherein they celebrate the holy week by attending masses other church services of various churches. You may go around your province, county, or region to visit the different churches.

Attend, Participate or Organize Passion Plays

Most Christian and catholic communities celebrate holy week by doing passion plays. A passion play is a re-enactment of what the lord Jesus Christ has experienced during his sacrifice to save us. If you know some passion plays to be held in your local area, then you can attend it as part of your celebration for good Friday. If you want to know more about what really happened during the sacrifice of Jesus and his crucifixion, then you are recommended to attend a passion play.


Furthermore, another common activity of Christians and Catholics during holy week is fasting. Some people do the fasting activity by not eating at all and commit their entire day on praying or other related religious activities. Other people eat meals but they refrain from eating too much. The faithful also eat lightly and refrain from eating meat.

A Sincere Reflection

Another activity conducted during holy week is a reflection and recollection. Such activity can be done individually or by group. You can reflect the death of Jesus Christ your own and do some solemn prayers. On the other hand, you can celebrate the holy week with other people wherein you can tell stories to each other. You can also sing songs for Christ with them.

A Short Vacation

Holy week is also celebrated by a lot of people by ding short vacations especially during the long weekend. This is usually done by most non-Christians and non-Catholics who celebrate a day off from their respective works.

Easter Sunday Happiness

The happiest day of the holy week is the Easter Sunday. This day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his ascension to heaven. His mission of cleansing our sins has been accomplished and we celebrate his greatness. Easter egg hunts and other kinds of celebration can be done during this day.

Now, you know the most important holy week activities. Make sure to have an unforgettable and enjoyable and reflecting holy week celebration.

2019 Holy Friday Celebration in Most Countries | Good Friday

In most countries, Holy Friday is both a religious occasion and a public holiday. It is just a part of a religious week-long celebration of the passion of Jesus Christ which is called the holy week. The four major days of the holy week are the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday. For this article, we will be discussing particularly the Good Friday and how it is celebrated in most countries, especially those countries with Christianity and Catholicism as their major religion. Make sure to read the article up until the end so that you will be able to know what to do on the upcoming good Friday 2019 date which is on April 14, 2019.

Holy Friday

What Do People Do on Holy Friday?

Good Friday comes two days before the Easter Sunday. During this day, a lot of people, especially Catholics and Christians, refrain from doing the usual activities of singing or playing loud music and drinking alcohol. Other people, who may be from other religions, also do such things as respect to the majority of the people around them. In addition, people also celebrate Good Friday by refraining from eating meat. They do fasting and prayers like novenas and rosaries.

During the holy Friday, people also attend masses and take part in the Stations of the Cross or the Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ. These exhibits portray the last hours of Jesus and his journey to save us all by ridding us of our sins. Most people go on to these exhibits and meditate on the sufferings of Jesus by doing solemn prayers. Other people go as far as to actually portraying what happened to Jesus Christ when he sacrificed himself. There are people who undergo actual crucifixion for penance.


The main event of the day is the mass on or before 3:00 pm. This is the exact time when Christ died on the cross to save us all. At 3:00 pm, all people observe silence and do their most solemn prayers. With such different activities, plan your events early for the next good Friday 2019 date which will happen on April 14.

Public Life

A lot of establishments are closed during the holy Friday. There are no classes on schools, colleges, and universities. Similarly, government offices are also closed. However, hotels and other public places may be full due to tourists visiting different cities to pray for the local churches scattered all over the region. This act is usually called the “Visita Iglesia” where devotees celebrate Good Friday by visiting different churches within their country, usually the most elegant and most popular churches from their area.


The Symbol for the holy Friday is the cross primarily because it is the main celebration for the day which is the crucifixion of Christ. The crucifixion of Christ was when he got his hands and feet nailed on a large wooden cross.

Holy Friday

Such happenings, events, and activities are the traditional things that most countries do during Good Friday. Plan your itinerary early on for the next Good Friday. The good Friday 2019 date is on April 14, 2019 so make sure to plan ahead of time.

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