Best SMS wishes for Good Friday

Good Friday wishes have now gone from postal card wishes to SMS and the internet. One common mode still exists to this day and that is SMS. SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS wishes are sent in almost every sort of holiday such as Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday etc.

As for Good Friday, there are many SMSs that are sent and received all around the world. Here are a few suggested SMS wishes for Good Friday:

Good Friday SMS Wishes:

The SMS wishes for Good Friday may include a passage from the bible or any quotes by the noble saints. The SMS’s focus is to revive the teachings of Jesus Christ and his life. Good Friday represents God’s son being sacrificed in the name of humanity’s sins. The focus of SMS should be based on redemption, self-sacrifice of one’s temptations and desires. Such SMSs regarding this kind would be are:

  • How loving is our God.

The Son is with us all.

He died for us,

Just to be with us


  • Long gone is the Son;

His Father took him away

His love unto humanity

How unthankful, we should be


  • Why, never would I think

To sacrifice my only child!

For He is the Father

How passionately He loved us all

Some SMS wishes may include Jesus and his resurrection which proceeded after the Good Friday:

  • For greatest is our Lord

Lifted His Son from us

Father and Son gaze

Washed away from sins

How thankful are we

How kind are you



  • Let it be known, O Evil!

God’s Son is forevermore

He departed from this land

Unto the heavens of above

Separating us and you;

We are above death and sins.

The SMSs may also include verses of bible provided that they are not misspelled or wrongly explained

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