Activities Conducted During Holy Week

Holy Week 2019

The holy week is a weeklong celebration of the series of events that include the death or crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection and ascension to heaven. Such week is celebrated since Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save all of us. The celebration of holy week formally starts during the Maundy Thursday followed by Good Friday which then leads to Easter Sunday. If you want to know more about what activities are conducted during the holy week, then you are reading the right article. This article will discuss to you the most important holy week activities.

Visiting Several Catholic or Christian Churches

If you want to experience a more sacrificial celebration of the holy week, then you may level up your visitation to your local church into visitation of several churches. Some people call this activity as “Visita Iglesia” wherein they celebrate the holy week by attending masses other church services of various churches. You may go around your province, county, or region to visit the different churches.

Attend, Participate or Organize Passion Plays

Most Christian and catholic communities celebrate holy week by doing passion plays. A passion play is a re-enactment of what the lord Jesus Christ has experienced during his sacrifice to save us. If you know some passion plays to be held in your local area, then you can attend it as part of your celebration for good Friday. If you want to know more about what really happened during the sacrifice of Jesus and his crucifixion, then you are recommended to attend a passion play.


Furthermore, another common activity of Christians and Catholics during holy week is fasting. Some people do the fasting activity by not eating at all and commit their entire day on praying or other related religious activities. Other people eat meals but they refrain from eating too much. The faithful also eat lightly and refrain from eating meat.

A Sincere Reflection

Another activity conducted during holy week is a reflection and recollection. Such activity can be done individually or by group. You can reflect the death of Jesus Christ your own and do some solemn prayers. On the other hand, you can celebrate the holy week with other people wherein you can tell stories to each other. You can also sing songs for Christ with them.

A Short Vacation

Holy week is also celebrated by a lot of people by ding short vacations especially during the long weekend. This is usually done by most non-Christians and non-Catholics who celebrate a day off from their respective works.

Easter Sunday Happiness

The happiest day of the holy week is the Easter Sunday. This day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his ascension to heaven. His mission of cleansing our sins has been accomplished and we celebrate his greatness. Easter egg hunts and other kinds of celebration can be done during this day.

Now, you know the most important holy week activities. Make sure to have an unforgettable and enjoyable and reflecting holy week celebration.

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