The Good Friday of 2013 and 2016: A Comparison

The Good Friday of 2013 and 2016: A Comparison

The Good Friday of 2013 was observed on March, 29. The Good Friday that was celebrated on 2013 and the one celebrated on 2016 may have some resemblance. The advancements compared to that time or today were just a different in respect to their magnitude. Here, we shall observe a few differences and resemblances of the good Fridays of 2013 and 2016.

The Good Friday of 2013:

The Good Friday of 2013 was observed with most respected and holiest spirits. This was observed by all Christianity followers all around the world. With the advent of Internet, cell phones the wishing of Good Friday was rather easy and more accessible. The devoted Christian followers would greet and observe the Good Friday in person as well as on the internet.

One important aspect, above the personal one, was the facilities that the internet had provided. With many online platforms, the internet gave access to millions of Christian followers to highlight their remarks, respect on the life of Jesus Christ. The platforms mostly used were Facebook, Twitter. It must also be mentioned that there were independent blogs as well read by a huge number of internet users.

The Good Friday of 2016:

The spiritual respect, offerings, and respect were paid duly to Jesus Christ. Out of the personal scale, it must also be observed that on a broader scale. The internet gave more ideas and authority in wishing the Good Friday in its most valuable form. With the social applications such as Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat and many others, the way of expression found a new meaning. The Good Friday was observed worldwide and most importantly, the internet saw it happen to its best. This is all due to smartphone applications that brought us more ways to express ourselves.


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