Traditional Good Friday meal |Traditional catholic Good Friday dinner

Traditional catholic Good Friday dinner

Traditional Good Friday meal may be anything. It won’t involve meat, however. Christians mostly prefer fasting on this day. Though, the fasting involves the meal to be relatively less than the regular ones, here are a few dishes to consider, whether you are fasting or not.Traditional Good Friday meal

Traditional Good Friday Meal:

  • Seafood:

Though, the consumption of meat is forbidden on Good Friday, chicken, fishes are, casually speaking, allowed. So, if you’re up for fish, crabs, shrimps, this just might be your meal. Shrimp tacos, fish nuggets, bean soup with crabs will do just fine.

  • Vegetables:

So, if you’re serious about not consuming meat, you can really have anything with vegetables in it. The ones we recommend are butter and spinach, casseroles filled with cheese, bell pepper, and onions.

  • Fruits:

It gets easier if you try mixing bananas, apples, and mangoes into a fruit salad. Dry fruits can be fun. Roasting almonds; mixing them with peanuts, pine nuts, and have a wonderful dry fruit salad.

  • Mix ‘em all:

If you’re good with the taste and the idea of every food, this just might be your thing. Mix all or any of the above according to your proportional taste and voila!

What is important here is to mention that traditional foods do vary from places to places. There is really no strictness regarding the meal. Also, the Good Friday meal varies from which place it is being consumed in. For example, the idea of consuming dry fruits in a warm or hot place just might not be a good idea. What also is to be noted is the availability of the vegetable, fruit or meat. So, if you’re in a place celebrating Good Friday without fishes, you just might get along with chicken

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