Good Friday ideas for family, friends and children


Good Friday is around the corner of the lent and there are ideas striking your mind. You don’t know how to arrange the place for friends or family; you are not sure about how to teach your kids about Holy Friday is really about. The good thing about this article is that it will help cover all this with the simplest ideas.Good Friday ideas for family, friends and children

Good Friday Ideas:


Being a faithful Christian, you can spend the whole day with your family discussing religion. You may offer your elderly to join the Good Friday 2018 sermon or attend the church services. If fasting is not their thing, you may fast and discuss the religious issues. The issues may involve religious righteousness, duties and ethical values that Jesus stood for. The discussions, maturely speaking, could highlight the passages on bible. If anything doesn’t work between you and elderly or the whole family, a dinner always brings all the members together.


Nothing beats the company of good friends. As discussed above, attending church services, sermons could be a thing. You may gather your friends for a religious discussion. This always brings out the best spiritual guide out of you. If dinner is preplanned, all is wonderful. The spirit and essence of Good Friday must be maintained. For this, it is necessary to offer prayers and ask for one’s salvation of soul from God.


Children are the most difficult to handle. Their questions are really short and are the most difficult ones to answer. Their stage actually decides their inclination towards religion. For children, the ideas would be to inform them about Jesus and his crucifixion. Don’t worry, it is not violent. Children, at their earliest, may not understand the reason but they will remember that Jesus died for their sins and everyone’s.

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